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Self Regulation

One of the main objectives of creating a HIPAA Forum of India is to ensure that the HIPAA Professionals constituting SMEs and home based operators is to ensure that they come together and form a self regulating society of professionals who adopt to HIPAA Compliance procedures as a part of the data processing activities they engage in.

Towards this process, HIPAA For India first intends creating a society of Medical Transcription Professionals  where members will require to satisfy the Governing body that they are conforming to a self regulatory practice that meets the HIPAA Privacy and Security standards.

This thought will be presented in greater detail in due course as the membership of the forum grows.

In the long run this should enable home based individual operators change over from an unorganized isolated form of operation  into an organized form of operation. This is considered essential for the survival of the home based operator system in a highly security conscious HIPAA service.


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