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Let's Make India a HIPAA Compliant Nation

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Why HIPAA for India?

For the last several years, Naavi has been in the forefront of assisting Indian companies for complying with the HIPAA regulations as applicable to them as "Business Associates" of US covered Entities.

In the process Naavi has been observing the growing importance of HIPAA Compliance particularly after the HITECH Act coming into force and the need for Indian Business Associates to be HIPAA Compliant.

The kind of penalties that US entities are facing for non compliance of HIPAA indicate that unless the Indian Business Associates are HIPAA compliant US Companies will not be able to use their services despite cost and skill considerations.

If for the reason of HIPAA non compliance US Companies hesitate to engage the services of Indian Companies, it would be a serious setback to the Indian IT industry.

On the other hand if India becomes a recognized HIPAA compliant country, there could be more business flowing into India not only from US but may be from other countries as well.

Being HIPAA Compliant means that the country is ahead in Data Protection as well and hence Naavi sees a lot of value addition to the country's Health Care Information management industry if there is a wide acceptance of HIPAA and HITECH Act compliance by Indian companies.

In particular, Naavi is interested in bringing the unorganized home based data processing industry in India whether they are already into Health Card industry in the form of Medical transcription or Medical coding or preparing for such buiness, to come under a common banner with self regulation systems for compliance of HIPAA/HITECH Act.

This website is the first step in this direction.


(Await More Information)

The website is owned by Ujvala Consultants Pvt Ltd, promoted by  Naavi, a pioneer in many aspects of Cyber Law related developments in India.